Land of temples thailand

The buddhist country is awaiting for you to visit its paradisiac beaches full of sea life. Admire the antonishing temples, magic and good vibes is characteristics from them. Say hello to the magnificent White Elephant, symbol of Thai Royalty and the country itself, playful and friendly they will welcome you to their home place. Come to Thailand to teach English with our partner EntrustTefl.

Temples in Thailand

Buddhism is the national religion and the temples are worth to see places that will take the breath out of you. Outstanding detailed and and beautiful buildings spread all over the country under the name of temples. Sacred places with a lot of history and a environment of peace.

White Thai Elepephant

The white elephant is sign of royalty in Thailand and the most precious animal in the country. There are sanctuaries for these animals in which you can interact with them and they recieve no harm at all. They are all completly ethical.

Thai Beaches

The sea life in Thailand is inmense. Scooba diving is one of the main attraction in the land due the the diverse flora and fauna un the ocean. With warm transparent water and white sand, the beaches in Thailand are the perfect place for relax if you it’s what you are looking for or water sports if you are adventurous